Welcome to Kelly High Alums!

I just learned last night that Mary Joyce (Rakauskas) Hubert sent out an email blast to the Class of ’69 telling you about my e-books. Thanks go out to Mary for doing that, and welcome to anyone from the Class of ’69! I find it hard to believe that this year will mark 45 years since we graduated. That hardly seems possible. If I ignore the way my knees hurt when I go up and down the stairs, I can almost convince myself I’m still in my 20’s.

I just started this website/blog last week so I’m still feeling my way around it. There’s not much content yet as it’s so new and I’m not quite sure what I’m doing, but there is the coupon code Mary mentioned for my first e-book, Twice Blessed, on Smashwords.com. (You’ll find the code by clicking on the ‘Sale!’ link above.) Smashwords is a pretty neat site that offers e-books in multiple formats (Nook, Kindle, Sony and some I hadn’t heard of) as well as in a pdf format, so no e-reader is actually needed (just a computer). Both Nook and Kindle provide free e-reader downloads for PCs and Macs as well. (My books are also published on Nook and Kindle, but Smashwords is the only one of the three sites that allows the author to offer a discount coupon.)

I just read over what I wrote and realized I dated myself by using ‘neat’ as an adjective. If I were really in my 20’s, what would I have used instead: rad, awesome, or something else? At least I know my fellow Class of ’69 alums will know what I meant by neat.

If you’re still in the Chicago area, stay warm! If you’ve moved elsewhere, be glad. This winter has been a bear!


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