International Read An E-Book Week, 3/2-3/8/2014

According to, Sunday, March 2, marks the start of International Read An E-Book Week, which was founded by a Canadian woman in 2010. is supporting this event by allowing authors to discount their books during this week for anywhere from 25% to 100%. Since I’m new to Smashwords, I’m not exactly sure how this works, but they have mentioned coupon codes for the discounts, as well as a link on their homepage to participating books. I anticipate they’ll have full information on how to get the discount on their website starting at 12:01 a.m., March 2. It could be worth looking at, and you might find something that interests you (even if it’s not one of my books, which BTW will be offered at 50% off this week).

Remember, you don’t need an e-reader per se to read an e-book, just a computer. Nook and Kindle offer free PC/Mac versions, and Smashwords carries books in those formats, as well as in PDF format, and several other formats I’m not familiar with.

Here are links to my books:

Secrets in Stone:

Twice Blessed:


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