April Release?

This has been a crazy month and my plans to release a new book have been pushed back even farther. I’m hoping it will come out during the first half of April.

Meanwhile, here are some excerpts from reviews of my current books:

Secrets in Stone:

“I found Secrets in Stone to be well-written…giving the reader just enough hints to build up the suspense and keep them turning the page to find out how it’s all going to shake out. And it does get a little brutal by the end…. Whenever I pick up a novel from the world of self-publishing, I hope they’ll be like this.” Review by MojoFiction, 3/10/14, author of The Legend of Gerald McGuinness

Twice Blessed:

“If you like some suspense, this is a good read…. Cliffhangers at chapter endings keep the reader wanting to continue to the next chapter. This reader wanted to put the book down, but kept finding myself saying, “one more chapter!”… Loved the ending which thoroughly explains the title. Don’t think the title relates to a “religious theme/book” or you will be shocked at some steamy scenes! Enjoy this novel, I did!” Review by B. Siebert, 3/20/14

Find them on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords!


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