Second Edition of Twice Blessed – UPDATE


A reader with sharper eyes than my own advised me I had a lot of typos in my book, Twice Blessed. I was mortified to hear that because I’d worked so hard on editing it, but apparently not carefully enough. I think because I’d worked so much with the material, I didn’t see what was actually there, but saw what I expected to see. I also know that I must wear my glasses now when I work on the computer — it’s surprising how much clearer things are when I do!

I re-edited the book, not only (hopefully) getting rid of the typos but making some other changes — not in the plot, just in readability. I have uploaded the ‘second edition’ on Kindle, Nook, and Smashwords.

If you have previously purchased this book, whether from Kindle, Nook, or Smashwords, you will be able to download the new version at no charge.

If you purchased the book from Amazon, and have already set up your Kindle reader to receive new editions automatically, you should get the new version without having to do anything. Otherwise you will need to go to Manage My Kindle under My Account on Amazon, and there should be an alert or notification or something there that will advise you a new edition is ready to download onto your Kindle or Kindle app.

(As a sidenote, Kindle will sometimes notify purchasers via email of the change in editions. I have made a request for this service; however, they say they take four weeks to decide whether they will do this or not. They base their decision on how extensive they think the changes are. Since I don’t want to wait four weeks to find out if I qualify for official email notification, I’m posting this in the hopes that my readers will see it and can download the update long before any potential notice is sent out — or not sent out. I checked this morning on my own Kindle for PC version, and I had no notification about the update on Manage My Kindle – which is supposed to appear whether they email or not – nor, when I downloaded the book again, did I get the updated version. I checked the sample of the book on the sales page, and it was clearly the newer version that is available there. You can determine what edition it is as the new version says Second Edition April 2014 on the copyright page. I have no idea what’s going on with it, or whether Kindle for PC has different procedures.)

Nook does not send notices to any purchasers, nor do they have a feature to automatically download updated books on the Nook, but they do allow purchasers to download the updated version at no cost. The procedure for this wasn’t very clear to me. I read on Nook Press’s website: “… to receive the updated version of (the) Nook Book, the customer must delete and re-download (the) Nook Book to receive the updated file at no additional charge.” Just how this is done, I don’t know. If you’re a Nook owner and don’t know how to do this either, I suggest you check with Barnes and Noble’s customer support for further instructions.

I had emailed Smashwords regarding their policy for providing updated copies of reissued books, as I could find nothing on their website. I got a response which said, “Those who purchased the book have access to the version that was available at the time of purchase as well as any future revisions,” per the Smashwords Service Team. I have re-emailed them requesting instructions on how this is done, and will update this post when I receive an answer.

Now I’ll be off to check my second book, Secrets in Stone, to make sure it’s not a hot mess. With many apologizes to any readers who suffered through a poorly typed book; I will do my best to make sure that doesn’t happen again.

UPDATE: I heard back from Smashwords this morning. They said to “go to the book page link for the desired book and then click on the format they would like to download (whether it be .epub, pdf, etc.). There they will see the version at the time they purchased the book as well as any revisions after that. They should click on the latest time stamp to view the latest version.” I hope that works for you; I haven’t tried it yet.

I also haven’t been successful in downloading an updated version from Kindle/Amazon. When I hear from them, I will update again.


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