I have now published Second Editions of both my books, TWICE BLESSED and SECRETS IN STONE.

If you have previously purchased either of these books, whether from Kindle, Nook, or Smashwords, you will be able to download the new version at no charge.

If you purchased the book from Amazon, and have already set up your Kindle reader to receive new editions automatically, you should get the new version without having to do anything. Otherwise you will need to go to Manage Your Kindle under My Account on Amazon, and there should be an alert or notification or something there that will advise you a new edition is ready to download onto your Kindle or Kindle app. However, I have my Kindle set for the automatic update but did not receive an update, nor did I get a notice of update availability. I downloaded a new copy from Manage Your Kindle and ended up getting the original edition again. I emailed Kindle asking for specific directions on how to get a copy of the new edition and they emailed back they had sent one directly to my Kindle. So if you have trouble getting the new version, try emailing them and maybe they’ll do that for you too.

Nook does not send notices to any purchasers, nor do they have a feature to automatically download updated books on the Nook, but they do allow purchasers to download the updated version at no cost. The procedure for this wasn’t very clear to me. I read on Nook Press’s website: “… to receive the updated version of (the) Nook Book, the customer must delete and re-download (the) Nook Book to receive the updated file at no additional charge.” Just how this is done, I don’t know. If you’re a Nook owner and this is as clear to you as it was to me (in other words, it’s mud!) I suggest you check with Barnes and Noble/Nook’s customer support for further instructions.

Smashwords also had rather vague instructions for getting an update, but when I emailed them they provided clear instructions: Prior purchasers should go to the sale page, select the format to download (mobi, epub, etc.). The version at the time of purchase will be shown there along with any revisions made after that. Click on the latest time stamp to view the latest version.

The new edition says Second Edition April 2014 on the copyright page, in case you want to check which edition you have.


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