[The ch-ch-ch-ch-changes is a homage to David Bowie’s song (can you believe it came out in 1971?!), and not one of the 5th season episodes of CSI.]

I don’t like changes much. But sometimes a change is necessary.

Readers have suggested that the title of my e-book Twice Blessed, along with its rather blissful-appearing cover, may give the impression that it is a Christian book. They have pointed out that anyone who bought it thinking it was Christian-oriented would be in for a bit of a shock, and anyone looking for something spicier might pass it by. I’ve considered that for a while, and decided to change the cover and title so they are more fitting with the content. Thus Twice Blessed is going to re-debut as Uncovering The Truth with a cover that reflects a little more of the heat in the book.

The anticipated date for this change is Friday, May 2. But I remember all too well the last time I announced a publishing date; all hell broke loose in every aspect of my life, and it took more than a month longer than I thought it would. I sincerely hope that won’t happen this time, and that on Friday, once the on-line powers that be do their thing, you will find this when you search Rebecca A. Engel on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or Smashwords:


Just remember, Uncovering The Truth is the same book as Twice Blessed. If you’ve already purchased Twice Blessed (Thank You!), you already own this book, just not the juicier cover!

5.2.14: The change has been made; find it here:


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