Hugging an author

Today I’m sharing an email from Jay at Choosy Bookworm. In case you haven’t heard of him or his site, he sends out a daily newsletter listing Kindle books that are being offered at a reduced price or free. Even if you don’t find a book you like there, he always starts his newsletter with an enjoyable book-related quote. You can find him at, where you’ll be able to subscribe to his newsletter if you so desire.

Here is the text of his newsletter from July 7, 2014:

Hello dear Bookworm!

Did you know that authors need our help?

Authors put their heart and soul into their books. Then, after

laboring over their book for many, many hours, they release

their work into a world of millions of books where it is

hard to get noticed.

How can we help?

There are many things we can do to support our favorite authors.

Here are my top 5 suggestions:

5. Share the author and their books with your friends.
Word of mouth is powerful!

4. Like their Facebook page and sign up for their email list.

3. Purchase their new book when it comes out.

2. Share about their book on your blog (if you have one), in
forums, and on any social media platform you enjoy.

And the easiest and definitely one of the most effective ways
to support an author you appreciate is:

1. LEAVE A REVIEW for a book you love!

It’s the easiest way to show some love and it is immensely effective!

Reviews will help bring more sales which in turn will help better rankings

within Amazon…which are greatly important to your favorite author.

So hug an author today. Leave a review!

Take care,

– Jay :o)


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