Summer Reading?

At this time of year, I’ve seen articles in magazines about ‘summer reading’ which make book recommendations. Most of the books are light-hearted fare, and many of them, since I mostly read ‘women’s’ magazines (pardon that archaic designation), are romances.

When I reflected on these articles, it made me start to wonder if such a thing as ‘summer reading’ really existed any more. It might for those kids who are too young to have a job yet, but for the rest of us? Unless you’re a teacher, are you summers really that much different from the rest of year? I work for an attorney who does a lot of real estate, and summer is a prime time for buying and selling (even now). Summers are more work-intensive for me than any other time of year. Mental escape is even more important to me when I leave the office, but does the fact that it’s summer change my reading choices?

I don’t think so. I think I like what I like no matter what the season is. I don’t say on the first day of summer, ‘Time to break out the romances or light mysteries,’ nor do I say when autumn rolls around, ‘Let’s crack open some Dickens.’

Still, calling a book a ‘summer read’ is probably somewhat effective as a sales pitch. It harkens back to that time when our summers were a time of freedom and play, and if reading a particular book can rekindle that feeling, more power to it!

Does the season change your reading choices?


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