DIY Covers

If you read my series on preparing a manuscript for e-publishing, I had a link in one of the installments to an article about making e-book covers using PowerPoint.

This morning I received a promotional email from an e-book author named Naima Moonpreneur who included a link to a YouTube video she made in connection with an upcoming book of hers about making covers on PowerPoint. I have used the instructions from the article to make a cover for my next book, but I found this video quite helpful, in that it showed me things you could do on PowerPoint that I had not known about (like making text boxes off to the side and then moving them onto the cover).

I could not tell from the video what version of PowerPoint she was using. I have an older computer at home, a newer one at work, and a recently purchased laptop (with Windows 8.1, which I hate, Hate, HATE! Avoid it at all costs!!). None of the versions of PowerPoint I’m familiar with (2003, 2010, and 2013) looked anything like her version. However, I believe she lives in Europe and that may be the reason it looks different.

In any event, here is the link: If for some reason the link does not work, you could search YouTube for it by title: Cover 1 From Graphic to Completed Cover in PowerPoint. The video runs about 14 minutes long.

I hope it will prove useful to you.

(BTW, I do not know Naima Moonpreneur — which is not her real name, that’s Dee something per her earlier books — nor am I affiliated with her in any way. I got on her email list after I had ‘purchased’ a free book she’d offered on Amazon.)


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