I have not yet upgraded to Windows 10, and I don’t intend to do that. Not because I don’t like change but because when my husband did it, he found that his HP laser printer, which is the same model I have for my computer, wouldn’t work with Windows 10, and HP’s latest driver for this printer is for Windows 8. It feels like the return of Vista, where they released it before any of the peripherals were ready for it.

Now here’s the killer. I was working away from my desk yesterday and returned to find an announcement on my computer from Windows advising me that they had scheduled my update  to Windows 10 and it was due to start installing itself in about ten minutes. I was able to cancel it, but the nerve of those bas***** for trying to foist junk on me that I don’t want when I wasn’t around. So beware!

A brief update: After devoting a day and a half to trying to get my husband’s printer to work, it did start working, and I’m not even sure which of the many things I tried was successful. But that doesn’t matter, because within a few days it stopped again, and now only seems to work when it feels like it, and you never know when that might be. There’d never been a problem with it before Windows 10, and my same printer, which I’ve actually had longer than he’s had his, is working perfectly fine (probably because I’m treating Windows 10 with the same caution I’d use with the plague).