Coming Soon (Fingers Crossed)!

Updated August 14, 2017




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Partings, Book 9 and the final book in the Valerie Urniak Mystery, and the fifth book in the Helen Wiels Mystery series, Fatal Matters are now available, as well as my latest release, Inventing Margery Kempe, and a re-edited release of Slowly Silence All (previously published as One Grave at a  Time).





Coming this fall:


Images is the story of a rock band in the 1960s that changed the world.


Also coming down the chute will be the sixth book in the Helen Wiels Mystery series, and a trilogy about a ghost.







6 thoughts on “Coming Soon (Fingers Crossed)!

  1. You are such an amazing and entertaining author! That being said I am about to finish Money Matters in a few minutes and have only one book left of yours to read. Any idea when this new one will be released? I’m addicted!!! Also, will there be more Helen or is it only a two book series?

    • Hi Michelle,

      I’m so glad to hear you are enjoying the new Helen book!

      I’m hoping to have the first book in the new series published in May. But my experience has shown that when I’m getting something ready to publish, it follows Murphy’s Laws to a ‘T’ and everything takes far longer than I think it should. So while I’m aiming for May, June is also a possibility.

      I think there will at least one more book in the Helen series, but at this point I’m not sure when that will come out.

      Happy Reading!

    • WordPress forwarded your question about the Valerie series to me, but I don’t see the comment here to reply to directly. The next Valerie is not the end of the series; there are more books to come (a total of nine).

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